New PP Ticket Allocation System

No more 3rd FCFS IGO Round!

PlayPad, the first launch platform in MetaVerse, has tried every way to give all opportunities to investors with the DQ Allocation system since the first day.

However, recent IGO sales rounds have shown us that investors do not participate in IGO sales rounds. This has led us towards a different right-to- allocation model because we need your support for a good reputation in the market.

We regret to inform you that the DQ allocation system will no longer be used. Instead, we would like to share the new PlayPad Ticket (PP Ticket) system with you for use in the next IGOs sales rounds.

About New IGO Rounds Distribution

If the projects we have examined in detail for you are approved, the IGO raise amount will be shared.

Whitelist Round (as before)

  • %20 of IGO Allocation will be used for Whitelist Competition on Gleam
  • 100 wallets from Top Referrals, 900 Random wallets, 500 Random Spare wallets will be winners
  • KYC will be mandatory by BlockPass
  • 1.000 wallets will be Final Winners after the KYC check
  • The round will be FCFS between Final Winners

PP Ticket Round

  • %70 of IGO Allocation will be used for PP Ticket Round
  • Only stake pool will be calculated for ticket allocation
  • The minimum stake amount will be 10k PPAD for 1 ticket
  • Each 10k staked PPAD will earn 1 ticket
  • The total staked amount will be used for ticket calculation
  • Farmed PPAD will not add to PP Ticket calculation
  • If you lock 7 days, you will earn 1x ticket
  • If you lock 30 days, you will earn 2x ticket
  • If you lock 90 days, you will earn 3x ticket
  • If you lock 180 days, you will earn 5x ticket

KYC Users Round

  • %10 of IGO Allocation will be used for KYC Users Round
  • Only KYC approved wallets can participate this round
  • The round will be FCFS between KYC Users

The summary is 10k Staked PPAD = 1 PP Ticket. The easiest way for everyone!

Of course, we will continue to keep our stake and farm pools open with APY rates to support our investors. You will still be able to continue earning PPAD.

We will never sell any remaining tokens with the FCFS Round anymore. Only Whitelist, PP Tickets and KYC Users rounds will be available for the next IGOs.

We hope this new system will create a fairer distribution of allocation for our investors. Thanks in advance for your support.

10K PPAD (1 PP Ticket) is approximately 60$ right now. How much do you need to invest for minimum allocation for other launchpads?

Don’t be late to stake your PPADs.

PlayPad Team




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Multi-Chain Launchpad & Incubation Zone

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