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Projects Page

Project Details

Project Details


Vesting Calculator
  • Stake and Farm Amounts
  • Earned PPAD Rewards
  • PP Ticket Rights
  • Vesting; Sample allocation right calculated based on the total amount of PP Tickets in the system
  • Earnings; participated in projects and their claim status.
  • History; All past transactions
  • Staking Leaderboard Rank (be ready for surprises about it)
Wallet Modal




News Details



Incubation Zone

Incubation Zone

PP Fundamental

  • Tokenomics & Vesting Strategy
  • RoadMap Strategy
  • Launch Strategy
  • SAFT Preparation Advisory
  • Legal Opinions
  • Fundamental Advisory

PP Development

  • Website Web3 Integration
  • Single Asset Staking & Farming
  • Multi Assets Staking & Farming
  • Governance
  • Token Vesting Platform
  • Token Contract & Structure Design
  • Airdrop Program
  • Token Sale Program
  • Lock Contract
  • NFT Contract & Structure Design
  • NFT Launch Contract & Structure Design
  • Lottery Contract
  • Bonding Contract & Structure Design
  • Special Smart Contract & Structure Design
  • Advisory

PP Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy Creation
  • Introductions to KOLs and Influencers
  • Community Development & Management
  • Pre-Launch Marketing Checklist
  • VC Tour for Fund Raising
  • Ecosystem Partnership Building
  • LaunchPad Strategy and Introductions
  • CEX Listing Services
  • Game Guild Service & Scholarship System Services
  • Game Beta Testing & Consultancy
  • Game Burn Mechanism & Sustainability Consultancy
  • Game Play Training

PP Design

  • Corporate Identity
  • Website Concept Design
  • Documents (Whitepaper, Litepaper)
  • Keynotes and Decks
  • Social Media Templates
  • Announcement Templates
  • Avatar Packages
  • Sticker Packages
  • Motion Graphics




Multi-Chain Launchpad & Incubation Zone

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Multi-Chain Launchpad & Incubation Zone

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