Crypto Hustle AMA Recap from the 10th of May

AMA Announcement

We would like to introduce to you our AMA session which took place in the Crypto Hustle Community on the 10th of May. The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of $100. We will summarize the most interesting points for you.

PART I: Introduction

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Hello Atlas.

Atlas | PlayPad

Hello My Friend, how are you?

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

I am fine. What about you?

How’s your days going?

Atlas | PlayPad

I am great and happy to be here with this great community!!!

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

So without further Delay let’s start our session 👍

Atlas | PlayPad

I would like to say “Hello” to everyone and thanks for that great opportunity you have given to PlayPad.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to the community?

Atlas | PlayPad


My name is Atlas, as the CMO of PlayPad.

I have completed a double major in Marketing & Business and graduated from a well-known university in Istanbul. Then I have taken my MBA degree from Istanbul Bilgi University.

Before joining PlayPad Team, I worked in many sales and marketing positions in the technology industry in multinational software and hardware companies for more than 10 years.

Then, I established my own startup and exited. And for a year period, I have been working for PlayPad as the CMO.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

That’s impressive for PlayPad to have such an experience for a better journey.

Awesome 👍

Atlas | PlayPad

Also I would like to just give a quick intro about PlayPad too:

PlayPad is the multi-chain, next-generation Launchpad, and Incubation Zone. It is the ultimate choice of crypto investors to invest in high-quality blockchain projects worldwide.

PlayPad provides the investors with the Fastest & Cost-Effective Way of Investing in Crypto through participating in IDOs, IGOs, and INOs.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Sounds impressive 👍

Atlas | PlayPad

PlayPad is supporting all the main chains including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Metis, Celo Fantom, and more. Incubation Zone can take early-stage projects from the idea stage to VC fundraising, their successful listing on CEX and DEX, and more.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Q2: Tell us about your security steps for faster and safe investments?

Atlas | PlayPad

Security and protecting our community have multiple dimensions.

From a technical perspective, PlayPad’s smart contracts are audited by Peckshield so that we ensure the quality, the solidity, and the strength of our technology.

From a legal perspective, Playpad is the project of PP Technology & Software Ltd which has been a legally established company and we have been doing very strict contracts with the projects. Those contracts ensure the best interest of our community and protect the rights of our investors.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Offbeat 🔥

Atlas | PlayPad

From an investment perspective, we guarantee the security of our communities’ investments by ensuring the healthy listing of the projects and the successful token distribution. For example, We keep the funds invested by our community under our protection and we will not transfer the funds to the project until the project has accomplished a successful listing on a CEX or a DEX.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Q3: Where will the PPAD token be listed?

Atlas | PlayPad

Before that I would like to emphasize the benefits of holding PPAD briefly:

The PPAD token allows you to invest in new blockchain projects which are held on the PlayPad Launchpad platform and earn passive income. When an investor holds and stakes PPADs, he will be able to benefit from the reward pool and also he will be included in the IDO and IGO pools to gain access to PlayPad Launchpad. Participants will need to stake a predetermined amount of PlayPad tokens (PPAD). The longer you stake, the bigger your earnings will be.

And The PPAD holders can benefit from more enormous allocation purchase opportunities in IDOs and IGOs.

PPAD token can be purchased from Gateio, PancakeSwap, and now Bitget.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

This is an attraction in the сrypto market.

And I hope you will get your best with such benefits.

Q4: What main benefit do you provide when someone joins a project through your platform?

Atlas | PlayPad

The most important one is what we call “Intelligent Investment”.

Intelligent Investments: Participating in the IDOs, IGOs, INOs with PlayPad is more cost-effective when compared to other launchpads. As PlayPad itself is an early-stage GEM project with reasonably low token prices, holding and staking PPAD is considered very advantageous. Eventually, the crypto investors and PlayPad community can benefit from the same valuable promising IDOs, IGOs, INOs with relatively low participating costs. This is one of the great advantages of the PlayPad.

For example:

The PPAD holders can benefit from more enormous allocation purchase opportunities in this round. They still need to have their KYC approved, and then they have to stake at least 10.000 $PPAD tokens before a given IDO, IGO, or INO. Every 10.000 $PPAD tokens guarantees 1 PP Ticket, representing the right to purchase a certain amount of allocation for the IDO.

Holding 10.000 PPAD is around 170 USD only, while it allows you to participate in high-quality projects.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

That’s a unique one 🔥

Atlas | PlayPad

%70 of the Total Allocation will be used for a PP Ticket Round.

Lock your PPADs and get multiple PP Tickets immediately. Here are the examples below:

If you lock PPADs for 7 days, you will get 1x PP Ticket

If you lock PPADs for 30 days, you will get 2x PP Ticket

If you lock PPADs for 90 days, you will get 3x PP Ticket

If you lock PPADs for 180 days, you will get 5x PP Ticket

And we have a simple chart for it to better understand:

PP Allocation

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Q5: What new steps are you taking in the future to become the best in the crypto market over the next few years?

Atlas | PlayPad

Great Question!

We aim to increase the influence and market reach of Playpad beyond today’s leading launchpads and incubation centers through some important steps below:

1)) Playpad Launchpad will only do launches of uniquely top-tier promising projects.

2)) Playpad Launchpad will be soon listed in top-tier exchanges.

3)) Playpad will incubate quality projects which will generate double and triple-digit X ROI projects which will be listed under the top 1 CEX.

4)) We would like to be the first metaverse launchpad platform that enables its users to participate in IDOs and do networking with others in PlayPad Metaverse.

5)) We want to be a trend-setter organization. Recently, there is a growing trend like “Move 2 Earn”. Together with our partners, we would like to create and market this new kind of trend in the industry in the future.

and finally:

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Perfection ..

With such uniqueness, you are going to beat the market.

Atlas | PlayPad

Also, we should bear in mind that Playpad is still a gem project, a microcap with $550K valuation which has huge growth and triple-digit times ROI opportunity So PlayPad represents a huge ROI opportunity with low risk.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Sounds great.

Here we have completed our Introductory Segment 👍

And now let’s start our second segment which has Twitter questions.

PART II: Twitter Questions

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Q6: Discuss your tokenomics. How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens? Will there be a buy-back system or token burning in the future?

Atlas | PlayPad

Yeah, sure, including tokenomics and regarding all the info about PlayPad can be found here in our LinkTree:

Specifically for Tokenomics:

Actually, we locked one year 10M tokens for Team. But as we announced that we burn %1 of remain team tokens for each IDO or IGO. Till today we burned almost 2,3M PPADs. You can find the proof in our medium articles.

Also, we have a burning mechanism to make PPAD more valuable for our PPAD holders and investors.:

Each deposit you make on PPAD’s staking and farming platform has 7 days to withdraw with impunity. If you want to break the stake within 7 days or 20 days after depositing, you will pay a 10% penalty. The 10% of your deposited amount will be sent to PPAD’s commission wallet and all accumulated PPAD will be burned regularly every 6 months.

For tokenomics details, you can find it from here:

And for the detailed burning mechanism:

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Q7: How can Playpad help crypto investors better than others and which benefits does it provide?

Atlas | PlayPad

I think this is the most important one.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Yes, Offcours.

Atlas | PlayPad

There are some very key qualities/features which differentiate PlayPad from the others:

First of all,

The Quality Projects: PlayPad only works with promising crypto projects, game-fi, de-fi, and metaverse projects with high ROI possibilities for its investors and its community. You can participate in the IDOs, IGOs, and INOs which you can find only on the top-tier launchpad platforms.

Secondly, The Fastest Eligibility: To be eligible for holding a PP Ticket, you need to stake 10.000 PPAD only for 7 days. From that perspective, this is the shortest period among other launchpads. PlayPad enables and helps you to participate in great and quality IDOs, IGOs, INOs in a fast manner.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

That is why quality always matters.

Atlas | PlayPad

PlayPad Guarantee: We keep the funds invested by our community under our protection and we will not transfer the funds to the project until the project accomplishes a successful listing on a CEX or DEX.

The Ease of Use: Playpad’s stake pool mechanism is one of the fairest models in the market. There are relatively easy unstacking requirements when compared to other launchpads.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Awesome 👍

Atlas | PlayPad

Detailed Review Process: The review process that PlayPad conducts is a very detailed one. The review team evaluates a project and decides whether a project is worth doing IDO for under the lights of this project’s backers, investors, technology, founders, team, tokenomics, and other qualifications.

And I have to emphasize our experienced and growing team who are always with and are listing to our community.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

That’s great.

Community feedback is also important.

Q8: NFT is a new trend nowadays. What will be the role of NFT items in PlayPad?

Atlas | PlayPad

Yeah, NFTs.

They are so key in Crypto and in Metaverse industry and their importance will increase also.

NFTs are an essential part of the crypto/blockchain industry, providing the expression of art, possession of the assets, and true potential of high return investments at the same time.

With our new website and platform, we have started providing INO projects to our investors and big community.

The SharkRace is a good example of it.

We have built a strategic partnership with this great project for INO.

Please follow PlayPad’s INO with SharkRace, you will get very advantageous pricing and you can get the chance to have a Free Sharkrace Super Pack NFT (which is $300 worth) here:

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Q9: Can you share Partnerships of your project and also about future partnerships?

Atlas | PlayPad


In Playpad, we give great importance to every partner of us. We are stronger with our great partners.

We have two types of partnerships:

1- Strategic Partnership which we build with the venture capital companies.

2- Ecosystem Partnership which we build with launchpads, chains, market makers, agencies, metaverses, and other blockchain industry companies.

For Example:

Some of our Strategic partners are DreamBoat Capital, Sanctum Global Ventures, Moonlift Capital, Traveler Capital, MH Ventures, and also we have great relations with Animoca Brands, OKx Ventures, Master Ventures, Maven Capital, and more.

Some of our Ecosystem Partners are Parallel Chain, Skynet Trading, Blockpass, Peckshields, Polygon Chain, Polygon Studios, Kommunitas, InfinityPad, and more.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

That’s awesome 😍

Last Question From Twitter segment 👇

Q10: COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?

Atlas | PlayPad

First of all, we wish very healthy times for all the community members and their families from now on.

Covid 19 has significantly fast-tracked the use of technology in all facets of life including communications, learning, business, and entertainment.

Covid 19 has sped up the virtual interactivity, crypto industry, metaverse, and game-fi business overall. While people were locked down in their homes, they were pushed to conduct their business through zoom, google meet, and being interactive more on the virtual words.

Metaverse “term” has become so popular in the time of Covid 19. Please look at the MANA and SAND examples below.

MANA Chart
SAND Chart

So eventually, the number of metaverse projects has dramatically increased and this has brought more business revenue and investment opportunities to Playpad and its community too.

And you and your community can find many and quality metaverse projects here in our platform:

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

That’s helpful then for Playpad!

Here is our Introductory Segment and the Twitter segment ends 👍.

So let’s start our last segment which has community members’ questions 👍

Are you ready?

Atlas | PlayPad

Very Excited really, let’s do it and have the questions:))))

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

So I am going to unmute the group for a few minutes with a timer and you have to pick the 5 best questions.

So let’s do it.

PART III: Telegram Free Asking

Atlas | PlayPad

Thank you for all those amazing questions to all 😇😇🙏🙏

Let’s start selecting and answering ………..

Q11: @AnindaArum A lot of scams in the name of the project, can you tell us the telegram channel PlayPad, and is there any telegram community from different countries?

Atlas | PlayPad

We have different channels in Discord for different languages.

Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Turkish Channels.

We’re waiting for you on👉

Q12: @Nancy Do you have AUDIT certificates? or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

PlayPad is audited quarterly by Peckshield in order to ensure a high level of technical abilities, security, and services to our users. Here you can find the audit reports below.

Q13: @MahadiyaMaya Can you tell me more details on the IDO? The schedule and contribution for each?

Atlas | PlayPad


#PlayPad is full of fantastic IDOs!


Great Projects really!

You should join those projects :)

Q14: @KamtuKaziOffice Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Atlas | PlayPad

The forth one and very important:

Web Site:
Link Tree:

You can follow all the information about PlayPad, and great projects, news.

Q15: @JakariaHasan What are the benefits of holding your token as long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep your token in the long run??

Atlas | PlayPad

For long term stakers; the best thing is same time earn PPAD with high APY, and join to awesome projects launch with more PP Tickets and allocations. As I mentioned before;

Lock your PPADs and get multiple PP Tickets immediately. Here the examples below:

If you lock PPADs for 7 days, you will get 1x PP Ticket
If you lock PPADs for 30 days, you will get 2x PP Ticket
If you lock PPADs for 90 days, you will get 3x PP Ticket
If you lock PPADs for 180 days, you will get 5x PP Ticket

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

Here our AMA session ends 😍

And now you can share anything about your project here 🙂

Atlas | PlayPad

Thank you Muhammad for this great session and thank you all the members of this great community! Very appreciated.

Muhammad Sajjad | CryptoHustle

You always welcome ♥️




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