About Cancellation of Moonstarter Private B Sale and Our Short Term Roadmap

Hello Everyone 👋 from PlayPad Team,

We’ve had some uncertainties and disagreements with the Moonstarter team lately. They gave up on us since PlayPad is already a launchpad platform. And the Private B sale on Moonstarter has been cancelled.

If you need a trust issue with us, you can check this message from Moonstarter:

So what is the PlayPad team’s plan?

The PlayPad team is currently negotiating with a CMO. And it is in agreement with 20+KOLs. This week, Private Sale A will start on Safelaunch at 26th October;


And then the PlayPad team will create a whitelist for Private B on Gleam.io. Whitelist winners will get vestings for Private B.

We aims the Private B sale at 1st of November. That will take place on our own platform.

Also we are negotiating with Gate.io team for Gate.io startup, and the remaining part of the IDO again will take place on our own platform. Finally, the first listing will take place on ApeSwap soon.

Best Regards
PlayPad Team




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Multi-Chain Launchpad & Incubation Zone

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