Burn to Metaverse!

Burn Algorithm of PlayPad

Hello PlayPad Community 👋🏻

As you know we posted a tweet about the burn algorithm of PlayPad a few days ago. It’s time to announce the details.

We have an algorithm that it’s really simple to understand. Let’s see how it works ?

We have 10.000.000 allocated PPAD for the PlayPad Team. We will burn %1 of the remaining part of team tokens after each IGO. These tokens are also locked for 1 year according to tokenomics. You can find more relevant information about Tokenomics here.

Please check the calculation sheet here to figure out the numbers.

We hope our community will love this idea.

PS: If you have questions like; “Why do we burn PPAD?” or “What is a Coin Burn?” then you can read the multi-language article here. It will help you to understand.

For Developer Team : dev-team@playpad.app

Best Regards…

PlayPad Team




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Multi-Chain Launchpad & Incubation Zone

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