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Burn Algorithm of PlayPad

As you know we posted a tweet about the burn algorithm of PlayPad a few days ago. It’s time to announce the details.

We have an algorithm that it’s really simple to understand. Let’s see how it works ?

We have 10.000.000 allocated PPAD for the…

What is the DQ Allocation of PlayPad?

Generally the tier system is the most important thing for launchpad projects like PlayPad, because usually the tier system affects tokenomics, plans, news & announcements, etc.

As you know stakers of PPAD will participate in our IGO’s by staking PPAD. Their participation vestings can vary according…

It is great that you have decided to join the revolution of blockchain gaming with PlayPad on Metaverse!
Before you start joining IGOs (Initial Game Offerings) at PlayPad, it would be better for you to know every step of the process. Therefore, we have covered it all for you in this…

As the PlayPad team, we would like to thank our entire community for supporting us with such a great participation in our first event.

Airdrops will be sent to your wallets 4 months after TGE

The first 1000 winners are determined by ranking them according to their reference points.The 100…

We have great news because of our project! We are prepared to size this AIRDROP

You can earn $PPAD from a pool of 20,000 Tokens.


  • $PPAD Tokens will be distributed based on your referral score.
  • Airdrop contest starts today, Tuesday, September 7th at 6 PM UTC and ends…


PlayPad is first IDO platform for VR, Gaming & Play2Earn projects in metaverse , multi chain supported and fully decentralized.

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